Just Add PDMS

Our master molds are ready to go. Just add PDMS, no surface treatment necessary.

Easy Demolding

Use your regular PDMS curing recipe, then easily remove the device.

Integrate & Innovate

Bond and integrate the PDMS device as usual.
You're ready to go!

Share your results

Whether you're a pro looking to speed up your process or brand new to microfluidics, check out our templates, examples, recipes and full intructions on the Maskless GitHub page.

Our microfluidic master molds will dramatically accelerate your innovation pace. Just add PDMS and go! Our master molds are guaranteed to yield at least ten PDMS devices, or we'll replace them for free.

Save 20% if you share your design! Enter coupon code 'sharealike', and we will upload your editable CAD design file to our public GitHub repository with a CC-BY-SA license. Otherwise, all design uploads are treated as confidential.

Before you place your order, please read the full instructions and check out our design guidelines. Please email your design to molds@maskless.co after you place your order. Molds will typically ship in less than 6 business days from CAD file receipt; expedited orders will be shipped in 3 business days or less, guaranteed. Free shipping for orders in the U.S. and Canada.

Stay tuned

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